Friday, June 20, 2008

My Thoughts

Why must we be born to just die? And if we need to live on this earth why then do we need to suffer to then die again? The best part of it all is there are people who are deeply hurt and cry when their loved ones die. Even some of these people who die suffer before the final demise. Why did God create us? What’s the purpose of living when all we do is die? And in between living and dieing there is so much hurt that sometimes it becomes just incomprehensible beyond comprehension. One human being is born with a gold spoon and the other just a ragged thing that is not fit for human dignity. There is so much money in the world. Yet the rich just don’t know how to share their money with the ragged lot. We all know we can’t take this stuff with us yet we surround ourselves with thing and segregate our selves from the have not’s. We then create class divisions, superiority complexes, cultural and race superiorities and the indignity of all castes divisions. We use words like blue blood, high fliers, gifted, high caste, elites, high IQ. The divisional words are used by the same species all of whom have the same colored blood-red.